Marion County, IN

Local Masonic Lodges in IN

Marion County - Masonic Lodges

Lodge Name Number City Meetings
Ancient Landmarks319Indianapolis1st Mon. 7:00p
Beech Grove694Beech Grove1st Thur. 7:00p
Bridgeport162Indianapolis1st Wed. 7:00p
Broad Ripple643Indianapolis1st Thur. 5:30p
Brookside720Indianapolis1st Wed. 7:30p
Calvin W. Prather717Indianapolis1st Thur. 7:00p
Centre23Indianapolis1st Wed. 7:30p
Century764IndianapolisLast Thur. 5:30p
Cumberland726Cumberland1st Mon. 7:00p
Englewood715Indianapolis1st Tues. 7:30p
Evergreen-Oriental500Indianapolis1st Tues. 7:15p
Frank S. Land758Indianapolis1st Mon. 7:00p
Keystone251Indianapolis1st Mon. 7:30p
Logan575Indianapolis1st Tues. 6:30p
Lynhurst723Indianapolis1st Fri. 7:00p
Millersville126Indianapolis1st Tues. 7:30p
Monument657Indianapolis1st Tues. 6:30p
Mystic Circle685Indianapolis1st Thur. 7:00p
Mystic Tie398Indianapolis1st Mon. 7:00p
North Park646Indianapolis1st Tues. 6:30p
Oakland140Indianapolis1st Wed. 7:30p
Pentalpha564Indianapolis1st Thur. 7:00p
Pleasant134Indianapolis1st Tues. 7:30p
Prospect714Indianapolis1st Wed. 7:00p
Sojourner768Indianapolis4th Thur. 7:30p
Southport270Indianapolis1st Mon. 7:00p
Speedway729Speedway1st Thur. 7:00p
Vitruvian767Indianapolis4th Tues. 7:00p
Wayne Guthrie753Indianapolis2nd Sat. 10:00a
West Newton707West Newton1st Mon. 7:30p
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