New York County, NY

Local Masonic Lodges in NY

New York County - Masonic Lodges

Lodge Name Number City Meetings
Abravanel1116Manhattan1st Wed.
Alba891Manhattan1st Wed.
Allied1170Manhattan1st Mon.
Amity323Manhattan2nd Thur.
Arcana246Manhattan2nd Wed.
Aurora Grata-Day Star647Manhattan2nd Thur.
Britannia1166Manhattan2nd Fri.
Brotherhood1041Manhattan2nd Wed.
Bunting-Charity727Manhattan2nd Fri.
Carpenter-Emanuel588Manhattan1st Tues.
Columbian484Manhattan3rd Fri. 7:00p
Columbus-Davinci-Galilei872Manhattan3rd Tues.
Compact402Manhattan4th Tues. 7:00p / 7,8
Consolidated31Manhattan1st Fri.
Continental287Manhattan1st Wed.
Damascus867Manhattan4th Mon.
France L.C.A.C.410Manhattan4th Tues.
Franklin195Manhattan2nd Mon.
Franklin447Manhattan3rd Tues. 7:00p
Garibaldi542Manhattan1st Fri.
George Washington285Manhattan1st Fri.
Goldenrule Clermont Mckinley486Manhattan2nd Tues.
Gramercy537Manhattan2nd Fri. 7:00p / 7,8
Hancock-Dirigo-Adelphi23Manhattan1st Tues.
Harry S Truman1066Manhattan1st Thur.
Hellenic - Plato1129Manhattan1st Fri.
Heritage371Manhattan3rd Thur. 7:30p
Holland8Manhattan2nd Tues.
Humanitas1123Manhattan1st Thur. / 7,8
IMA917Manhattan2nd Wed.
Independent Royal Arch2Manhattan1st Thur.
James W. Husted-Fiat Lux1068Manhattan1st Mon.
Jose Rizal1172Manhattan2nd Fri.
Joseph Warren-Gothic934Manhattan2nd Wed.
Joshua890Manhattan2nd Wed.
Justice753Manhattan1st Wed.
Kane454Manhattan1st Tues. 6:45p
King Solomon-Beethoven232Manhattan1st Wed.
Knickerbocker182Manhattan2nd Thur.
Kosciuszko1085Manhattan3rd Wed. 7:30p
LUnion Francaise17Manhattan3rd Tues.
La Fraternidad387Manhattan2nd Fri.
La Sincerite373Manhattan2nd Tues. 6:00p
La Universal751Manhattan2nd Fri.
Lux Aeterna1184Manhattan4th Tues.
Maimonides-Marshall739Manhattan2nd Mon.
Manahatta449Manhattan4th Fri. 7:00p
Mariners67Manhattan2nd Wed.
Mazzini824Manhattan2nd Mon.
Munn203Manhattan2nd Thur.
Normal487Manhattan2nd Mon.
Norsemen878Manhattan1st Thur.
Of The United Services1118Manhattan1st Mon.
Pan-american1124Manhattan2nd Fri.
Park516Manhattan3rd Fri. 4:00p
Perfect Square204Manhattan2nd Wed.
Pioneer-Mount Moriah20Manhattan2nd Thur.
Scotia634Manhattan1st Thur.
Sibelius-Bredablick880Manhattan2nd Thur.
Sibelius1167Manhattan2nd Thur. / 7,8
St. Cecile568Manhattan1st Tues.
St. Johns1Manhattan3rd Wed.
Tabernacle598Manhattan1st Tues.
True Craftsmans651Manhattan3rd Wed.
Washington21Manhattan1st Thur.
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