Graddy Lodge #257

Meeting #1: 1st Mon. 7:30p / Meal 6:45p)
Address: Aynor, SC
( Google Map )
State: SC
County: Horry
District: #29

2022 Lodge Officers

Master of the Lodge Master: GEORGE BAILEY 843-503-4686
SW Sr. Warden: AARON COOKE 843-231-8503
JW Jr. Warden: BRANDON SKIPPER 843-455-2353
Lodge Treasurer Treasurer: MARK DAWSEY PM 843-385-6517
Lodge Secretary Secretary: KEB JOHNSON 843-222-3964
Masonic Chaplain Chaplain: JOEY VAUGHT PM 843-333-2897
SD Sr. Deacon: JOSH SLOAN 843-465-3659
JD Jr. Deacon: KEN GRAHAM SR 843-446-3660
WM Sr. Steward: KEN GRAHAM JR 843-458-1640
WM Jr. Steward: DUSTY JOHNSON 843-245-3521

Grand Lodge Recognized Masonic Lodge

Graddy Lodge #257 is chartered through the Grand Lodge of South Carolina, AFM, which in turn, is recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England.  Before visiting, be sure to check with your grand lodge for recognition and visitation rights.