Dallas County, TX

Local Masonic Lodges in TX

Dallas County - Masonic Lodges

Lodge Name Number City Meetings
Alexander C. Garrett1216Dallas2nd Thur. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Aubrey E. Hope1446Balch Springs2nd Tues. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Carrollton1400Carrollton1st Thur. 7:00p ( Meal 6:30p )
Cedar Hill1380Cedar Hill1st Thur. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Claud L. Austin1450Dallas4th Mon. 12:00n / 1,3,4,6,7,9,10,12
Dallas760Dallas3rd Tues. 7:00p ( Meal 6:00p )
De Soto1409De Soto2nd Thur. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Duck Creek1419Garland2nd Mon. 7:00p ( Meal 6:30p )
Eagle41Richardson5th Tues. 12:00n
East Dallas1200Dallas1st Tues. 7:00p ( Meal 6:00p )
Edwin J. Kiest1310Dallas1st Tues. 7:00p ( Meal 6:00p )
Gabe P. Allen1352Dallas2nd Wed. 7:30p
Garland441Garland2nd Tues. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
George B. Dealey1312Dallas1st Tues. 7:30p
Highland Park1150Dallas3rd Thur. 7:00p ( Meal 6:00p )
Hillcrest1318Dallas1st Thur. 7:30p / 12
Hutchins1154Hutchins3rd Sat. 9:00a ( Meal 8:00a )
Irving1218Irving2nd Tues. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
James A. Smith395Farmers Branch2nd Thur. 7:30p
James Ladd Burgess1305Dallas1st Mon. 7:00p ( Meal 6:00p )
James V. Callan Da-Lite1422Dallas, TX2nd Sat. 8:00a ( Meal 7:30p )
Jewel P. Lightfoot1283Dallas2nd Thur. 7:00p
John C. Pelt1321Duncanville2nd Mon. 7:30p
John L. DeGrazier1349Dallas2nd Tues. 7:00p ( Meal 6:00p )
Keystone1143Dallas2nd Mon. 7:30p
Knox-Corinthian851Dallas3rd Tues. 12:00p ( Meal After Meeting )
Lancaster160Lancaster3rd Tues. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Love Field1274Dallas1st Thur. 7:30p / 12
Mesquite928Mesquite1st Thur. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Metropolitan1182Dallas2nd Tues. 7:00p ( Meal 6:20p )
Mike H. Thomas1314Dallas2nd Tues. 7:30p
Mountain Creek511Grand Prairie2nd Sat. 8:00a ( Meal 7:00a )
Northern Star377Dallas1st Fri. 6:30p
Oak Cliff705Dallas2nd Thur. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Pentagon1080Dallas2nd Tues. 7:00p
R. C. Buckner1176Dallas1st Thur. 7:00p ( Meal 6:00p )
Richardson1214Richardson1st Tues. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Roy Stanley1367DallasLast Tues. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Sam P. Cochran1335Dallas2nd Mon. 7:00p ( Meal 6:00p )
Sam R. Hamilton1031Grand Prairie1st Tues. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Seagoville654Seagoville2nd Thur. 7:30p
Sunshine341Dallas2nd Tues. 12:00n ( Meal 11:30a )
Tannehill52Dallas1st Tues. 7:00p ( Meal 6:00p )
Thomas B. Hunter1356Grand Prairie1st Thur. 7:30p ( Meal 6:30p )
Trinity Valley1048Dallas2nd Mon. 7:00p / 12
Washington1117Richardson1st Thur. 7:00p ( Meal 6;30p )
White Rock234Addison1st Tues. 7:30p
Zavala1059Dallas2nd Wed. 7:00p
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